Bob Marley was a musician.

Bob Marley

by Harrison from San Diego

"Despite the assassination attempt, the concert went on as scheduled. An audience of 80,000 people was electrified when Marley, bandaged and unable to strum his guitar, climbed to the stage to begin a blistering ninety-minute set. "At the close of his performance, Bob began a ritualistic dance, acting out aspects of the ambush that had almost taken his life."("Bob Marley." Contemporary Musicians.)  As a hero to many Bob Marley played a role where he lived in a life with no fear. Not scared of what was to come for him only wanting to make peace in the future by acting in the present. Marley was born in 1945 growing up in extreme poverty living in the ghettos of Jamaica. He found his escape from the violence in the ghetto in music and eventually rose to super stardom, in his music and his teachings in peace.  A hero must be more than a singer or player. They must possess a skill and mindset to make a change for the better. Bob Marley possesses a musical skill and because of his childhood has a mindset to make a change in Jamaica and the world.

Bob Marley is an inspiration because he gave back to the people who are in need of help. His story of becoming an inspiration to many begins in his childhood where his motives are found. "Bob and Bunny grew up in an environment where violent crime was glorified by many young people as one of the few ways of getting ahead. Music was seen as another means of escape." ("Bob Marley." Contemporary Musicians.). When Marley was young he lived in a dangerous part of Jamaica and had to fight through the gang violence to find his escape in music. When he finally did escape rough the music he took of fast but never really left his hometown where he grew up where his music was inspired. Marley's childhood is what led him to lead and become an inspiration to the ones whose lives he was changing through his work. "He took on a series of community projects, at one time supporting more than 6,000 people with food, jobs, and housing. He invested in schools and infrastructure in Jamaica." ("Marley, Bob." Encyclopedia of World Biography.). Trying to create a better community in Jamaica where he grew up in the streets. Marley was inspired by his childhood to make a change in Jamaica. He gave back to where he knew was a troubled place by supporting them with things that can help Jamaica become a more peaceful place. This was Bob Marley's motive in all of his music and actions. He wanted to create a more peaceful world for him and all of us to live in without any fear.

Bob Marley is an inspiration because he practiced what he preached. He did not want to just sing about change to make change he also wanted to act physically to do this. "These threads fit in perfectly with the cultural rebellion of the 1970s, and Marley's songs expressed his commitment to political and social revolution. He became a prophet to downtrodden peoples worldwide, singing of freedom and justice, of fighting for rights and dignity. (Bob Marley." Encyclopedia of World Biography.). His music contributed greatly to his worldwide popularity. Because of it he was able to reach out to other countries and their people to help solve their problems. Most of the countries greatly supported him and invited him to concerts to perform. Like Africa who invited Marley to perform where he sang about rights for Africans.  He also visited the United States as well as Jamaica. "Marley returned to Jamaica to perform at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, where he requested that Manley and Edward Seaga, leaders of the warring political parties in Jamaica, shake hands. That same year, Marley received the United Nations' Medal of Peace award." (O'Connor, Kathleen. "Bob Marley."). Requesting the two opposing political parties to shake hands was an event that really shows Marley's commitment to making a change in Jamaica. In his actions he received the medal of peace award showing that he was making a change in the world and in his country through his music and actions. It was these steps he took to become a great musician and a great inspiration that he was really making a difference in the world.

A hero must be more than a singer or player. They must possess a skill and mindset to make a change for the better. Heroes cannot just sing or play they have to be able to practice what they preach and make a physical change for the better. Bob Marley inspires me and others because of his music and his commitment after what he had experienced. How he rose from nothing but hope and a goal to be a #1 musician that instilled a hope and a change in Jamaica and the rest of the world. Inside Bob Marley's life a great hero is found that has a legacy that will inspire people forever.

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