Bob Marley

by Vanessa from Newark

Yellow, green read & bob marley  (google images (
Yellow, green read & bob marley (google images (

Bob Marley was a reggae musician or more like a legend that wrote about life and problems. His quotes help people with their problems and no matter how negative their life may be his music and guotes can bring you up. He had many albums that became number one and best of all time. He was born on February 6, 1945 in St. Ann, Jamaica and died May 11, 1981 in Miami, FL. In 1944, soon after Bob was born his father had left him and his mom. When Bob turned 16 he began to persuade his dreams in becoming a musician, he got married in 1966 and died at the age of 36 with many thousands of people at his funeral to show as much respect as they can to Bob.

The red, green and yellow stands out and I always see those colors when i see Bob Marley anywhere. These colors stand for blood which is red, gold or sunshine which is yellow, and lost land in africa or vegetation in Jamaica which is green. These colors are well known and many recognize Bob Marley with the colors somewhere either in the background or some little color somewhere.

Bob Marley album cover (Google images (
Bob Marley album cover (Google images (

His albums sold millions and millions of copies. He even had the best album which had all his hit songs on it. He made tons of albums and they sold everywhere. To this day people still buy the cd's or songs he made to help them feel better or for them just to listen to songs. He had many hot songs that people love and are willing to listen too.

red yellow green  (google images (
red yellow green (google images (

Bob Marley had many accomplishments in his life. He had struggles and failures but stuck to his dream and now he is known as the best reggae artist with the most meaning in his songs. He taught people a lot of things with the lyrics to his song, for example "your worst enemy can be your best friend & your best friend can be your enemy." To me this means that the people we don't like us can be our best friend but our best friend can be our enemy because they just might know too much where it can be dangerous.

Bob Marley is my hero because when I'm down, his quotes bring me up and his music is very soothing and puts me in a happy mood. His quotes have a big impact on my life and relate to me in many different ways. His sayings have a very strong meaning and so do all his songs. I learned that no matter how much struggle is in my life we are all strong enough to keep our head up and keep moving forward and every little thing will be alright.

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