Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem)

by Eric from Lawrence

 My hero is Marshall Bruce Mathers III (a.k.a.Eminem). He's gone through some very hard times but, he still managed to overcome it.

 Eminem was born on October 17, 1972 St. Joseph, Missouri. His birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. His mother was Debbie Mathers, father Marshall Bruce  Mathers II, and his wife was Kimberly Ann Scott.

 Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born. 3 years later, his parents divorced and he never got to see his dad. Later on, he goes to school, gets beat up by a bully and was hospitalized with recurring headaches. In 6 years, he meets Kimberly Ann Scott and then a year later her Daughter, Hailie Jade, was born (December 25,1995). He released his new album Infinite and when he saw no one buying it he tried to kill himself. Later, he releases a new album and wins hip-pop competition. As he got older, he had a terrible relationship with his mother. He wrote a rap/song about his mother. His mom was offended and sued him.

 Eminem showed me heroism when he starts rapping on stage nervous of the only black audience and did a battle MC (when a person raps insults to the opponent) with a rapper called "Lotto" also black. He tries very hard to support his family. When he knew that Kim's niece (Alaina) was going  to be placed in a Foster home Eminem decided to take Alaina as her second daughter because Kim  was unable to take care of her because she's been arrested so many times.

Eminem is brave. He stood on stage and rap battled a black rapper referred as the name "Lotto" in front of a black only audience looking at you. Also, he's brave enough to say his past and all terrible things and people in his life. Eminem has perseverance. He's gone through some very bad experiences, like having a bad relationship with his mother, was on drugs, bullied in high school, dropped out and much more. But he didn't give up and look where it got him today.

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