Benjamin Mays

by Nicholas from Orillia

Benjamin Mays was born in August 1, 1894 and died in March 28, 1984. He was an American minister, educator, scholar, social activist and the president of the Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia  from 1940 to 1967. Mays was also a significant mentor to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Benjamin Mays lived in South Carolina.

Mays and Joseph Nicholson published a study entitled The Negro's Church, the first sociological study of the black church in the United States. Mays sought to be Christian relations. Mays also was a student secretary at the YMCA. Molefi Kete Asante listed Benjamin Mays on his list of 100 greatest African Americans when Mays died.

Benjamin Mays fought for freedom and that whites would be kinder to blacks. Benjamin Mays would pray for people to be nice to blacks, this is how much he cared about this. Martin Luther King Jr. described Mays as a intellectual father. Benjamin Mays was born into freedom which means no one told him where to eat or where to shop Benjamin Mays was allowed to go where he wanted.


Benjamin Mays lived a wonderful life. Mays had a wife named Ellen Harvin. When his wife died she was entombed  at Atlanta's Morehouse College when Mays died he was entombed with his wife. Benjamin Mays had a few kids, Mays fought for freedom not only for strangers but for his kids too.  

I really think that Benjamin Mays believed in what he did. Even though he was born into freedom he still didn't want to let this go, it made him mad, it even made him sad to see all the punishment the blacks were taking, and they couldn't do anything about it. That is why Benjamin E Mays did what he did.

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