Bert McCracken

by Alex from St. Louis

Here Is Bert singing.
Here Is Bert singing.

A hero is someone who has somehow triumphed in their life. They do not have to have superpowers or have a cave; they just need to overcome a hardship in their life. The hardship can be an emotional or physical. That is what a hero is to me. That is why my hero is Bert McCracken. He has had many hardships which he has overcome. He had a very bad drug and alcohol addition, he has lived in the same room as his guitarist, Quinn Allman, and he has had some deaths in his life. After all of this he has become a famous rock star.

When he turned 17 he had a serious addiction to crystal meth. With his band members' support he overcame the addiction. The addiction followed him straight into alcohol. It was said that he would drink 2 full bottles of Jack Daniels everyday. The alcohol, mixed with touring was too much for his body and one day he collapsed. After seeing many doctors he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

When Bert was 16 he was kicked out of his house because he was not following the Mormon up-bringing. When he was kicked out, his best friend, Quinn, invited him to live with his family. After that the entire band dropped everything and just played. They would find odd jobs and then hitch-hike a ride to their garage to play. They had gotten very little publicity because no one in their Mormon community liked their music. When they got their big break the entire band took off and became a very famous band.

Bert has had 2 big deaths in his life. One was his “best friend” David Bowie, his teacup Chihuahua. The other death was his ex-girlfriend Kate, she died of an overdose. She was carrying Bert’s child at the time. He wrote a song in memory of them, the song is called “It’s Hard to Say.” The deaths had a huge impact on Bert but he overcame them and is still a great singer.

I think a hero is someone who has overcome many hardships. Bert McCracken has overcome many hardships. Some hardships were hard to overcome some not so hard, but he has always been with his band mates and they have been there for him. Bert is a great singer and a great hero. That is why he is my hero.

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