Dr. Brian Moran

by J.T. from Hinsdale

My unsung hero is Dr. Brian Moran. He is actually a life saving hero to some people! He is a cancer doctor, a father, a husband, a brother, a son, and a best friend to my family. Let me tell more about this amazing person and his honorable life.

Brian was born in Hinsdale, Illinois at Hinsdale Hospital. His dad was a doctor there also. Brian was one of eight children and there were 4 boys and 4 girls in his family. Brian had a tough life because he got cancer when he was 13. He survived his cancer! Now he's a father of four kind kids: Kate is a nurse, Jack is a policeman, Chris is in college at Loras College, Nora is in 8th grade and going to High School next year.

Dr. Moran is the owner and a surgeon at The Chicago Prostate Center, and he also works at the Hinsdale Hospital, and DuPage Medical Center. He speaks to people all over the world. To become this kind of doctor, after high school he had to 14 more years of medical school. He told me why he chose this job and he said, " Since I had cancer I chose to be a cancer doctor to help people with their cancer and cure them." He said the best part of his job was, "Curing and taking care of people who are sick."

There are many reasons I like Doctor Moran! He goes to the Chicago Boat Show and Auto Show with me and my brothers, Luke and Andrew. He's has many funny jokes that he tells me whenever I see him. He also goes fishing with Luke and me. Doctor Moran is very fun. He said his favorite hobbies are skeet-shooting, going to the Chicago Boat Show and Auto Show, telling stories to me, and cutting our bushes.

What advice can you give me about life? Dr Moran said, "Enjoy every day, respect your elders and friends, always do the right thing, work hard on everything you do, don't do drugs, and ................. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GOD!"

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