Blake Mycoskie

by Brittney K from San Diego

"As of September 2010, Toms has given over one million pairs of new shoes to children in need" (Blake Mycoskie). Many people donated shoes to kids in Argentina but they weren't the right size, so Blake Mycoskie donated 250 Toms that fit the kids. This was the start of his new company. Blake Mycoskie is the founder of Toms. Toms shoes are now the number one selling shoe at Nordstrom. While Mycoskie visited Argentina he noticed many kids barefoot and he wanted to help. Blake Mycoskie is a hero because not only has he visited less fortunate kids but he has also changed the way they live.

When Mycoskie visited Argentina he never realized how many kids went barefoot. He wanted to make a difference. "250 matching pairs of canvas shoes were given to children at a school in Argentina" (Andy Sternberg). Blake Mycoskie started out by giving small amounts of shoes to these children. He launched Toms in 2006 and now his shoes are being sold in stores everywhere. Toms have been a huge success. Mycoskie has stated, "I've given away 300,000 pairs of shoes. So I am an example that you really can make a huge difference with just one idea." He gave away 10,000 pairs of shoes in the first year. He has sold over one million pairs of shoes throughout the last couple of years. Blake Mycoskie had made a huge impact on lives of kids in the poorer villages of Argentina.


Mycoskie is changing the lives of these kids. Toms aren't just about starting a business it's about helping others. "But it's more about the story of you buy a pair we give a pair, it's completely transparent. There are no tricky things" (Blake Mycoskie). He realized how lucky he was to be able to have shoes and he wanted the kids to feel the way we do. Kids in Argentina were catching diseases because of cuts on their feet. Shoes helped these kids prevent diseases. Blake Mycoskie said, "A lot of local kids are barefoot." Children in Argentina walk many miles according to Blake. He wanted to make sure these kids had comfortable shoes. To be able to attend school all kids need shoes. Toms has made going to school and getting an education possible for many kids.

Blake Mycoskie has changed the life style of many kids in Argentina. Toms shoes have made a major impact on kid's lives. Blake Mycoskie is an inspiration to me and to others because he has shown the world that with just one idea you can make a huge impact in other people's lives. Toms shoes are a huge success and hopefully Mycoskie’s company, Toms, will stay successful and continue to help people around the world.

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