Blake Mycoskie

by Heather from Brea

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Out of the many heroes in the world, which one would you choose? A hero is kind, loving, and caring. Blake Mycoskie is all of these. He was just some ordinary man and now he has changed the lives of many little kids. He was born in Arlington, Texas in 1976 and lives on a sail boat in Los Angeles. Blake has started five different businesses before Toms. He and his sister traveled the world, and were very close to winning a million dollar grand prize.

Blake has done many kind deeds for the world. One of his best deeds was creating Toms. Toms are shoes that are very popular and super cute. They are comfortable and it makes you feel good when you buy a pair. Why do you feel good? Well, when you buy a pair of Toms another kid in Argentina gets a pair. He did not just start Toms for the money. He really wanted to help others in need. He started the phrase One for One.

Blake was on vacation in Argentina, and he met some community workers who were holding a shoe drive. He was surprised to see how many people were there. He saw that many of the kids feet had cuts or infections. And at that moment he had the idea of a shoe company that matched every pair sold, with a pair given to a child. Blake Mycoskie gives brand new shoes to little kids in Argentina. He felt a need to help and serve others. He left Argentina and this is when the One for One movement came to be. He returned the following year with his friends and family. Blake then hand-placed ten thousand pairs of Toms on children.

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His favorite quote was by Gandhi and it is: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". And that is one of the reasons his mind started ticking. He felt bad for the kids and wondered what would happen to them once they grew out of the shoes. He wanted his foundation to be giving. He said without creating a profit he would only be able to give the kids shoes once or twice. But because of the profit he has made he is able to give as many shoes as he needs.

Blake Mycoskie is an amazing and inspiring person! He has put others first and has made a big change in the world. Without his help, children would not be lucky to have the shoes that were given to them. Toms is a great foundation and has been for the past five years. It is great that many of the shoes are bought, because the more the shoes are bought the more the children get. Blake has made a life changing idea and I am so thankful to know that a person just doesn't think of an idea, they keep on pushing farther and farther to make it happen.

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