Bill O'Reilly

by Jonas from Mission Viejo

I'm not a political guy in the sense that I embrace an ideology. To this day I'm an independent thinker...
Bill visits Camp Striker, Iraq. (
Bill visits Camp Striker, Iraq. (

I became aware of this particular person about five years ago, but only began spending my time watching him during the Presidential Election. Since then, he has inspired me to be stern and provided me with the encouragement to uphold my opinion when arguing with others. His mental characteristics are questioned by many, regardless of the fact that he is an accomplished reporter and honored contributor to charity events. These reasons alone are what attract me to his bombastic persona, and his appetite for clarity. I aspire to become as great as Bill O’Reilly, and along with his legacy, contribute to the world and public understanding astonishingly.

Bill O’Reilly is the bombastic talk-show host of the renowned Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor. He obtained his career after finishing his academic terms within the variety of different colleges and universities he attended. The requirements for his job included taking a wide array of different reporting positions while in school. Since acquiring the job, his salary has increased significantly, specifically $10,000,000. Only a certain few are able to acquire a comparable outlook.

As a young child, he still possessed a wide variety of traits which are flaunted on broad-casts today. He wasn’t as articulate at speaking as he is today, but for the most part, his aptitude is unchanged. During school, he received decent grades, and would always participate in school news programs. Bill’s road to success was constructed in a considerable manner. In other words, he was aware of his imminent achievements.

Bill has always been interested in the public and its struggles. He is obviously aware of the issues at hand due to the fact that he maintains a news program. As a result of the countless stories broadcast on his program, he has contributed to charities he sees fit. An example of Bill’s integrity is reflected in his association with the It Happened To Alexa Foundation. Bill’s social conscious has allowed a wide array of charities to thrive.

Bill O’Reilly’s achievements and awe-inspiring attitude towards opposition has allowed me to consider certain career-goals which otherwise wouldn’t have been thought of. Some of my High School goals include receiving and then maintaining a 4.0. After hopefully entering a university, I hope to obtain my diploma and eventually specialize in my specific field. As a lifetime goal, I want to become famous, so as to leave a legacy as someone who contributed to the world.

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