Barack Obama

by Elsie from Roxboro

Time for a Change!!!

My hero is a man that is not afraid of anything. My hero is a man that has the courage of a tiger. My hero is a man that just realized who he was, at his father’s grave. My hero is Barack Obama. I base my decision on all the positive things he has accomplished. He has influenced the African American community. He has made history! There are numerous things that he's done and he has actually inspired people.

One good accomplishment that inspires me is the courage that he has. He inspires me by the way he stood in front of hundreds and thousands of people and made a speech that turned out to be flawless!

Another thing that inspires me is where he comes from and who he is. He came from Hawaii. The name "Barack" has roots in Hebrew, Arabic and Swahili. But his family nickname is Barry, so as a result his family calls him Barry most of the time. While in high school Barry was a very good student. He was also talented. He was sophisticated and athletic. He played on his high school basketball team.

Another reason that Barack Obama inspires me is the way he still has time for his family. Obama doesn't let his fame, fortune, or work get in front of his family. Obama isn't the only one that is inspiring. His family is also inspiring. They stick with him every step of the way to support him. When I grow up I want to be just like Barack Obama.

Last but not least, Barack Obama inspires me most by the fact that, in 1988, he traveled to Kenya to find out who he really is. There he met his grandmother, Sarah Hussein (that's where he got his middle name from) for the first time. He also met his aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members. Sadly, Barack's father was no longer alive. Barack cried at his father's grave. By the time he left Kenya, Barack really knew who he was.

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