Barack H. Obama

by Liam from Laguna Beach

My hero is Barack H.Obama. I chose him because he is very interesting. Another reason I chose him is because he always listens to people and never ignores them. I also chose him because he is always calm and went from senator to president.

Barack Obama accomplished many things in his life. One of the things he did was he became the first African-American United States president. He also wrote two books. He used to be a senator of Illinois and no matter what he always listened to people. In his free time Barack Obama likes to write, and play basketball. Sometimes, he writes his own speeches!

He did these things on January 20 (inaugural ceremony). He also did these things on Super Tuesday when he was now truly in the running to be president of the United States. Super Tuesday was in 2008. The Inaugural Ceremony was in 2009.

He became president in Washington D.C. Part of becoming president was in New Mexico because it was a swing state. He became a senator of Illinois because that is where he lived. He was raised in Hawaii by his grandmother. Barack Obama has a wife and two daughters. His wife's name is Michelle and his daughters' names are Malia and Sasha. Malia is 10 years old and Sasha is 7 years old. I think Barack H. Obama will make a great president.

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