Barack Obama

by Sahar from San Diego

Barack Obama (Picture By: The White House)
Barack Obama (Picture By: The White House)

“Change will not come if we wait for some other time. We are the ones, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the changes that we seek” (Barack Obama) Barack Obama, undoubtedly one of the most influential African Americans will always be known as hero to men and women. Obama shows courage and dedication, as he faces the challenges of his office, and stays true to his words.

Obama speaking about the Health Care Reform (Picture By: World Press)
Obama speaking about the Health Care Reform (Picture By: World Press)

The high cost of health care and the fact many people suffered because they could not afford their health needs, Obama projected the health care reform.” I want to wake up and know that every American, every senior citizen have health insurance and be covered for prescription drugs. No parents will go to bed at night worrying about affordability of medicine for a sick child. We can build this together.”(Barack Obama) It is not an easy task to provide health care for Americans. It takes courage and determination to convince everyone to become united on this extraordinary vision. By providing health care many people will be healthier because they can prevent sicknesses and diseases from progressing. Obama managed to take care of two very important issues by showing courage. One was the stimulus package and the other was the health care reform. Obama helped the needy in many ways.

Barack Obama began his presidency at a time that United States of America was economically and socially bankrupt. Many people suffered from this problem; Price of gas, food and the basic needs increased, as a result many could not afford their needs. Industries hit hard with recession, stores fronts displayed out of business signs, while foreclosure signs were in every neighborhood. Barack Obama did not give up, by using his wisdom, courage and help from his supporters he provided a stimulus package. These steps slowly changed our nation. President Obama in press conference said, “This fall I signed into law more than thirty- billion in tax cuts for struggling businesses and provided additional unemployment insurance for one million Americans” Obama cares and understands, that a productive society is made up of self sufficient, working people. Our economy is growing and people are gainfully employed. Barack Obama has brought change into the nation, and helped many people.

Obama motivating children. (Photo By: Cheryl Montgomery)
Obama motivating children. (Photo By: Cheryl Montgomery)

“Education is the key to success” (Ken Reightler Jr.) Barack Obama shows dedication to our country by the way he wants to extend school hours. “We can no longer have our children be the burden on the society.” (Barack Obama) Obama is saying that America can no longer afford high school drop outs and children not to attend school. He is also indicating that society demands higher education, and it starts with children. “Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system, respecting it, I can only say that is it the most important subject”. (Abraham Lincoln) Obama and Lincoln share the same thoughts. They want every child to get a good education in order for America to prevail and excel.

”War has been going on for years when will it end, we want our troops back home!”(Barack Obama) Dedicated to families and our troops in Afghanistan, Obama’s goal is to bring this war to an end. He is not scared and takes pride in security and safety in the nation. Obama cares about what is going on in the world, and as the president he dedicates himself to the country by bringing our troops back.

Barack Obama proved to be a very inspirational hero to me in many ways. Obama truly has lived by his statement; he did not wait for anyone. Obama did not allow any misfortune and challenges stop him from his goal. He worked hard with courage, determination, perseverance, and persistence. He managed to make the unbelievable true, and became our first African American president of the United States of America.

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