Barack Hussein Obama 2

by Grant from Yucaipa

" Yes we can."
Barack Obama at the Capitol
Barack Obama at the Capitol

Barack H. Obama is a 47 year old man who was the senator of Illinois but is now the President of the United States. He is considered by me and others a hero because of his leadership of the past, present, and near future. He was just sworn in as President and had the biggest inauguration in history. He has made many accomplishments ever since he was the senator of Illinois. I consider him a hero because he has been an inspiration to Americans everywhere, he has insights on how to pull us out of our poor economic state, and from past reference he is believed and expected to be a good president.

He has been an inspiration to Americans everywhere. He convinced over half of America to vote for him as the new president and had the biggest inauguration America has ever seen. He has been loyal to America for he stayed senator of Illinois for three terms ( seven years). Before so, after he finished college, he was employed as director of the Chicago DCP ( Developing Communities Project) where he helped developed communities. During his three years of being the director, the company's budget rose from $70,000 to $400,000. He even set up a job training program, preparing for college program, and a tenant's rights organization in Altgeld Gardens. He instinctively knows what to do and when to do it.

Our new nation leader, Barack Obama
Our new nation leader, Barack Obama

From past reference he is believed and expected to be a good president. When in 2008 Mr. Obama presented his campaign for the presidency of the United States, I believe he was most certainly qualified. But he also had to compete with pretty good competition for his first campaign was the Democratic campaign facing Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Then he triumphed in the president-elect campaign facing Mr. John McCain.

He has extraordinary ideas to how to lead America. He has intended to stop investing in "not proven" missiles, abolish treacherous nuclear weapons, and reduce America's nuclear weapon stockpile and anything else nuclear. He even cares about America's future for he has been aiming for negotiations with Russia. He even wants to cease the Iraq War soon as possible, try to increase energy independence, and accomplish the dream of universal health care.

So I have a very good reason to believe Mr. Obama should be considered a hero for his becoming the president and all the reasons above.

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