Barack Obama

by Noah from Anmore, Canada

My hero is Barack Obama because he’s the first African American president of the United States. I think he shows that anyone's dream can come true if you try and believe in yourself. Obama showed a lot of perseverance to become president. I hope you like reading about my hero Barack Obama.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His mother was from Kansas and his father was from Kenya. His parent's separated when he was only two years old and got a divorce in 1964. Obama saw his father only once before he died.

After high school Obama attended university. He completed his B.A. at Columbia University and then worked as a community organizer. Next he attended Harvard Law School and then practiced as a civil rights attorney in Chicago. He entered politics in 1996 when he was elected to the Illinois Senate.

Now that Obama is president there are many problems he'll have to face. In my opinion the three most important are: health care, the economy, and the war in Iraq. These are problems because: in the U.S.A. you have to pay for your health care and some people can't afford it, a lot of people are losing their jobs because of the bad economy, and many soldiers and innocent Iraqis are dying in the war.

I believe that Obama can handle these problems because he has faced many challenges of his own (in paragraph 2). To have faced these challenges he must have had perseverance. I know that Obama will solve these new problems just like he says he will.

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