Barack Hussein Obama

by Eun Gyeong from Tampico

CHANGE we can believe in

My hero is Barack Hussein Obama. Like many other people he had a painful life. But the impressive thing of such life was that he made his way overcoming many difficulties.

His days were unhappy. He had a complicated relation between his families because he had an African ancestor. His parents were divorced very early so he had to overcome a hard life in Indonesia in his early age by following his mother.

The discrimination and the look from his origin lead him to stray from his way. He wandered excessively even refusing his African friend and denying himself. But his father’s speech gave him significance. Taking back himself by his father, he decided to do a social movement when he met a fortuity chance to give a speech in the university, which helped him to find his merit and the needs of this society. As well, he went to Harvard to find the necessary laws for the social movement.

Being a politician was not an easy way to follow but he worked making an importance for the solution of the problem and not for the political benefits. Through his acts he had expanded his government. He had failed once but he springed to his feet with an affirmative mind and now he could take the honor of being a president.


The person who stood up of the unfortunate time finding his goal and who succeeded his dream, Barack Hussein Obama, gave me a positive attitude and a passion for my dream. One of the reasons of his success in U.S.A. was for the recognition of people. I learned that hope can be a great thing from a small beginning of every hard moment.

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