Barack Obama

by Kenyatta from West Haven

When you hear the word hero you should think of  Barack Obama. Barack Obama is my hero because he is determined, inspirational, and lastly kind hearted.

One attribute I think about when I hear that name is DETERMINED. I say that because the phrase he announced " Yes we can!!!!!!!" says a thing or two about him he is not going to back down no matter what foe or criminal comes up to his attention. I also say that because if the is a homeless person needing a home or a starving family he will do whatever it takes to help.

The second attribute is kind-hearted. I say that because I bet if someone needed money to pay a loan he would give enough and he would probably even give 20,000 dollars to charity or breast cancer. I also say that because if he sees a person doing a very bad thing he doesn't just send them to jail rite away he give them a speech about how that was wrong.

Last but not least the third attribute is Inspirational. I say that because he inspires kids not to do bad things like take drugs or vandalize. He tries his best to send kids and young teen's good vibes and change their minds about negative messages. He makes sure kids and adults are healthy and not sick. I think he really cares I even bet he hates to see Americans and other people get hurt. He inspires me to be president and make sure my grades are good. 

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