Barack Obama

by Abdi from Eden Prairie

This is Barack Obama (
This is Barack Obama (

Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961. He is the 44th and current president of the United States. He is the first African American President. One of the most important things that he is trying to pass is the health care bills. My uncle didn't have any health care and I watched him struggle with his health and trying to pay the bills. When my uncle was sick, he would come to my mom's house to help him get better. My mom would always tell him how important it is for him to have insurance. One day, I asked my uncle why he just didn't go to the doctor instead of coming to our house and he said it is because it cost too much money to go to the doctor. Obama is my hero because he is trying to help people like my uncle.

Barack Obama wants everyone to have health care. And he and others want to make it illegal for the companies to drop people that are sick. The reason I agree with the health care bill is because people don't need to suffer like my uncle has. People should also not have to pay a lot of money for insurance.

Obama said that the war in Iraq will end in 18 months. That's why he is my hero. He is trying to stop a war in Iraq. I think that is very cool trying to stop a war that is very brave.

Obama is my hero because he wants to build over 50,000 schools in the United States and he wants to help kids in Africa get better schools and a better life. I think that is very cool to build schools for kids in need and help people that need help.

Obama is my hero because he is trying to help people get jobs but it is not working. I know he will give people jobs in the future and he is working hard to help Haiti after the massive earthquake.

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