Barack H. Obama

by Ariel from Plainfield, Connecticut

President Elect Barack Obama is the first African-American man to be nominated as president of the United States of America; he has made history in many peoples lives. He has worked with both Democrats and Republicans on programs for the poor communities; he has saved people on death row. Obama has written several different books. He also is a great father figure in America; Obama’s parents divorced when he was two years old, he can relate to other people that parents are divorced and give them encouragement to be strong. From his past experiences, Obama shows people that it pays to work hard in school. He can reach out to the youth to show them that he did drugs and his grades started to slip in school, but he realized what was important and got back on track. Barack Obama is a great inspiration to a lot of people today because of what he accomplished in his life.

On August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii Obama was born. He lived in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1967 with his mother and stepfather. When Obama was 10 years old he went back to Hawaii by himself to live with his grandparents. He then later went back to live with his mother. When Obama was living with his grandparents in Hawaii they entered him in Punahou Academy and it was there he realized what racism was, he saw how other people were treated. There were not many black people in his school, only three including him in the mostly Asian-American school.

He Graduated from Punahou Academy. Obama attended Occidental Collage in Los Angles, and then in 1983 Obama decided to move to attend Columbia University in New York. His father had died a year before in a car accident in 1982. In 1988 he went to Harvard Law School. Obama became a member of Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama went back to Chicago after school, to practice as a civil rights lawyer. He became Part of the firm of Miner Barnhill & Galland in Chicago. He taught at the University of Chicago of Law. Obama was nominated on the south side of Hyde park for the Senate, and Obama spoke against using force in Iraq. Obama met his wife Michelle in college, he married her in October 1992, later they had two beautiful daughters. Obama wanted to go farther in politics and ran as a candidate for president.

He won the nomination to be president in 2008,and made America start saying “Yes We Can” this saying helps America to able to believe in itself. Obama has changed history, and changed the way people feel about themselves, by making them feel like they can believe in to accomplish great things one day. Obama is my hero because he shows me that even if you start off on a bumpy round, you can still make something of yourself, and it doesn’t matter race you are, a person should not stereotyped but seen from what is inside.

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