Barack Obama

by Renan from Elbow Lake

Hero. That is a word which can only be described by a personal view, personal beliefs, and actions. Questions such as "Who did he/she save?" or " What did he/she do?" might be the main way to classify a person as a hero, and for this essay, the second question describes this hero. The hero is Barack Obama, the man who conquered America.

Barack Obama is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and was born on August 4, 1961. His father is from Kenya and his mom, Ann Dunham, is from Kansas. After 2 years living in Hawaii, Obama's father moved back to Kenya because of the divorce, and after living for 4 years just with his mom, Barack and his mother moved to Indonesia, where they both lived for more than 5 years. When Obama turned 10 years old, he moved back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. In 1983, Obama got his first degree from the Columbia University and moved to Chicago, where he worked for a church organization, which helped to develop neighborhoods with crime and unemployment problems. In 1991, Barack graduated from Harvard Law School, and became the first African American in charge of the Harvard Law Review.

Before reaching the win in the Presidency Election, Obama had a successful role on the places he has been. In Chicago, besides helping the community, he worked as a civil rights lawyer, and as a teacher in the Chicago Law School. In 1996, Obama made his first step into the political aspect, he was elected senator of the Illinois State Senate and passed the first major culture law in Illinois since 1971. After a successful work in the Illinois State Senate, Obama ran for the United States Senate and was elected in 2005 for the seat. In 2008 Barack Obama reached the highest post, the Presidency, defeating the Republican John McCain with 66 million votes for the Democrat against the 58 million votes for the Republican. 

Since his raise to the Presidency, Obama always looked towards the less fortunate, always helped the community, and always tried to provide and develop a better situation for the Americans. That is why he is considered a hero, he lived his life trying to help the ones in need, he fought for them, he encouraged them, and he gave them a new opportunity. Besides, Obama tries to help other countries, making them safer and a better place to live. A sign of that is the Nobel Peace Prize he received on October 2009, for trying to make worldwide neighborhoods a place with hope and prosperity. All these facts have made Obama a really important figure for the American history.

Nowadays, Obama lives with his wife Michelle Obama, which he married in 1992, and his two daughters in Washington, D.C. Also, Obama has had a really difficult job trying to "fix" the American economy, and improve health care for Americans. Both of these situations are really important for the definition of the 2012 Election, which Obama is attempting to get reelected for President. Even though he does not get reelected, his name will be written in the American history, not just as the first African American president, but as a person who fought for the crowd.   

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