Brad Owens

by Nicole from Henderson

What makes a hero? In my opinion a hero can mean several different things. A hero is someone positive, strong, caring, loving, and by your side when you need them. To many, a hero can mean saving a life. In some way, Brad has saved my life before. Many things make him a hero, not just to me but others. Brad has made people better by staying positive in stressful situations.

Brad had a tragic childhood. His horrible experience makes Brad so positive today. When he was a child his mother abused him. She used to leave him by himself when he was only three years old. She also used to throw him down stairs and even try to drown him in the bath tub. Brad experienced a tragic childhood and being a positive person today is a big reason why I look up to him. He shows that someone can have the worse life but also be the best person to everyone. When I asked Brad why he is such a positive person today he replied, “My faith in God. I have always believed that He has a special purpose for me to fulfill. I think that I experienced that traumatic time so that I could become the strong person I am today.”

Brad has helped many people stay positive in many ways. Usually our friends go to Brad for help. Our friends know how much of a positive person Brad is. They know that they can talk to Brad about anything and can feel better afterwards. I have had a few friends go to Brad for advice about a lot of things. When Brad talks to them and stays positive about the situation, he makes them feel better and it leads their life in a positive and better way. For example, when our friend Mike was depressed with where his life was going, he talked to Brad about it. He explained to Mike that he went through the same thing. Brad explained to him what he did to make the situation go better. Afterwards, Mike seemed like a happier person. He was no longer stressful because Brad gave him advice on how to make his life less stressful. Mike took Brad’s advice because it helped him lead his life in a better way. If a friend is living a bad life and needs help fixing their life they look up to Brad. Brad helps everyone out in life.

Every time someone stares at Brad they can guarantee that he will have a smile on his face. With a sparkle in his bright blue eyes, he smiles whether it’s a small smile or a huge grin. Even at work when his workers get rude with him, he is respectful back. “I always try to treat other people with respect…even if they don’t respect me back. It seems crazy, but that’s how I choose to be. I believe it’s how God wants me to act,” Brad explained. His teeth are straight and as white as snow. Brad smiling shows he is happy with his life and has a positive outlook on life as well. With him always smiling, he can place a smile on everyone’s face. No matter if they are happy, sad, scared or mad; Brad helps someone feel better.

Brad has helped me many times but one time sticks out the most. He saved my life one day. Brad and I were following a friend out to his house. When we turned a curve we hit a patch of something wet and slid off the road. We drove off into a ditch, also into someone’s yard, then slid into another person’s driveway. We hit a fence and part of a for sale boat in that person’s yard. Brad saved my life. As I looked back we had just barely missed a tree. If Brad didn’t control the car like he did we would have hit the tree on my side and we would have died. Brad had great control over his Mazda and only hit the fence and boat on one side of the car. When the wreck was over I was in such shock. That was my first wreck. He helped me stay calm afterwards. He even shed a few tears because he was afraid he had hurt me. When I told him I was fine we were able to calm down even more. I know that the wreck happened for a reason. It also brought us closer as a couple. It opened my eyes and showed that anyone you love and care about can leave within a blink of an eye. I’m so glad he was able to take control of his own car like he did. I am very thankful that Brad and I were safe.

So see a hero can mean lots of things, but in my case my hero helps me stay positive. I am a very negative person but by being around him as much as I am it helps me become a more positive person and a better person as well. I don’t think I have ever met such a positive person in my life. He amazes me because someone can be so rude to him and he can treat them back with so much respect like nothing ever happened. He is very well mannered. I look forward to spending more time with Brad and hoping he will help me in life.

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