Doctor Benalla Samad

by Hajar and Ouahiba from Kenitra

Why we love Doctor Samad! This Doctor is one of the famous doctors in our country, Morocco. He has a strong personality; he is friendly, cute, and he knows what he wants. He respects others even if they are different. He is also a person who has ambition and has passion in life. That's why he is successful.

Doctor Samad, sexologist and coach, has established -with the United Nations- a specific program to fight against AIDS in various countries (Djibouti, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt ...) He is engaged in fighting against stigma and discrimination, in connection with this disease. In Morocco, he has worked for the promotion of gender, social equality and individual rights and joined a team on a popular radio program "On t'écoute" every day except (Fridays and Sundays). It answers all your questions, without taboos.

In an interview with him , the journalist asks him this question : "Who is Samad to whom the young listen every day on 'Hit Radio'?" Benalla Samad answers: "I am a simple man. I did my studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Rabat. Then I went to Brussels, where I continued my studies in public health. Later, I went to Oxford University where I deepened my knowledge of psychological approaches, psychotherapy and sexology. I am the only child of a Moroccan father and a Lebanese mother. I had a somewhat difficult childhood and a more difficult adolescence but eventually I lead a blossoming life as an adult ."

Our hero has all good qualities young people dream of: Handsome, competent, helpful, successful, responsible, thoughtful and understanding. He is a good citizen who does voluntary work, gives advice and helps young people.

Our Hero is perfect

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Extra Info

By Ouahiba Hmammouchi and Hajar Zemrour
Supervised by Ikram Eseghir
Mohamed 5 High School
Kenitra, Morocco