Barbara Seaman

by Shelby from Reynoldsburg

The woman who inspires many (Barbara Seaman)
The woman who inspires many (Barbara Seaman)

My hero isn't someone who can save kids from burning buildings, or who flies to the rescue of a crashing plane, she is just a person like the rest of us. The difference with her is that she had faced more hardships in her life than one person could possibly consume in a lifetime and she has come out stronger than ever before. She has overcome the loss of her parents, the struggle of keeping a family together, and working to better herself. She is one of the strongest people i have had the pleasure to know. Barbara Seaman is truly a hero in my eyes.

Growing up with practically nothing she has truly made an impact on so many. As a young woman, she faced many devastation and it was slowly impacting her personally. She started having phobias of death or anything that in her mind was dirty. She wouldn't even touch a door if she knew someone who had lost someone close to them had touched it. It was soon taking over her life and this "disease" was winning the war.

Then she found something that meant more to her than being "clean", she found teaching. Barbara started teaching preschool kids and not once thought of her disease. She continued teaching for almost a decade before she decided to take time off. A few months had passed and she came up with a brilliant idea that would keep her involved in schools but not have the responsibility of a classroom, she started a teacher supply store. She wanted to be able to give her knowledge and her tricks in the classroom to teachers all over Ohio.

She is a hero to me because she overcame a huge mountain in her life and put others first. She wanted to teach because she knew even if she can't make herself better she can at least help the future generation on the right path. Not even just our future generation but to help the people who are committed to what they do as teachers and want nothing more than to help others. She inspires me to do what i have my mind set on and that the only person who could get in my way is myself.

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