Bilquis Sheikh

by Julia from Newport

Bilquis Sheikh, a very wealthy Muslim woman, lived in Pakistan. Her husband of many years had divorced her, leaving her deeply hurt and full of questions. She went to the Qur’an looking for answers, but found nothing. In the ensuing weeks, Bilquis began having strange dreams that were lifelike to her. Confused and more than a little frightened, she went to a local missionary’s house and asked them what was happening to her. The missionaries pointed her to the Bible, and Bilquis began reading it. Under miraculous circumstances, she converted to Christianity and began an amazing journey with God. Bilquis’s remarkable testimony and courageous spirit has influenced my walk with God, and because of that, she is my hero.

News of Bilquis’s conversion spread like wildfire. Her family, devastated that she had turned her back on the Islamic faith, put much pressure on her to return to the Muslim faith. When Bilquis took her conversion a step further and decided to get baptized, the persecution increased. She received multiple anonymous death threats, but God showed Himself strong in her life during those hard times. Being shunned by her family and friends was heartbreaking; however she learned that her relationship with God was the most important relationship of all. Her courageous spirit really showed during those trials in her life, and drew her closer to the Lord. The relationship between her and God was so alive that if she disobeyed Him, she would know that His presence had left her. She would then go back to find out where she had gone wrong, and would repent.

Bilquis found the truth, and rather than lose her new found faith, she left everything she previously valued to go down the right path. She left her family, friends, wealth and position, and started her life over. The servants left her in fear for their own lives; her friends and family shunned her and she lost the respect of the entire town. Despite all of this she never once regretted her decision. Bilquis’s commitment to the Lord was so strong that she would endure anything for him. Her courageous spirit and dedication to God makes her a true hero.

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