Bill Spivey

by Justin from Salem, Oregon

Bill Spivey may be retired, but everyone will remember him!

Mr. Bill Spivey was a hero to everyone at Sumpter Elementary School. He was caring for others when needed. He pushed us to meet what we needed to do. Whenever i was feeling down i would think of Mr. Spivey and that would turn my frown upside down. He is very inspirational to everyone. All of the teachers and students respected Mr. Spivey very well with kindness and respect. Mr. Spivey is like a big brother or their second dad because he was a great leader and good role model. In his last year of being a principal at Sumpter Elementary School he was suffering from a brain tumor. Mr. Spivey had a dream that year and it was for all of the students to "Walk Across America." We as the students decided to fulfill our principal's dream. We the students at Sumpter Elementary school walked 3,000 miles each class for a total as 54,000 miles together as a school so we could meet the needs to comfort our awesome principal for the year. Luckily he survived throughout the year and when he came back he got teary-eyed and was very proud of out school. I AM very proud of Mr. Bill Spivey for battling through the cancer that struck him. MR.BILL SPIVEY YOU ARE MY HERO

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