Billy Staples

by Sydney from Mission Viejo

Always in a good mood!
Always in a good mood!

I was a baby the first time I met Billy Staples and he has been in my life all 15 years. I don’t talk to him as much as I would like but, every time I do talk to him he helps me with anything I’m going through. I love what he does because when he’s teaching his students he helps kids with all problems and never judges people. He doesn’t label kids as “bad kids”, he labels them as if they need help and I think that’s why he is able to help so many kids because he talks to them, not at them.

Billy doesn’t have just one career. He’s a teacher but also a writer to a book from the “Chicken Soup” series. He interviews past and present sports players, writes about them and then puts all of the interviews into a book. When he’s teaching, he teaches middle school students and many of them are in not so good situations. Gratefully they have a teacher that’s there to help them beyond their school issues, kind of like a mentor. When he was in college, he had to get a degree in education–secondary English and an Associates Degree to be able to do all that he does.

When he was young he was athletic because of how much he loved sports and he was friendly because of how nice and sociable he was. Although he first started with a corporate sales position with AT&T Communications, he wanted to pursue another career in teaching which he now does and loves it. I think it’s because of his dad’s connections that he started meeting celebrities when he was a kid. He got to talk to them and ask them questions which later advanced in his writing. First it started as a hobby until he decided to write a book on all his interviews. Now he gets to get paid for something he loves doing anyways.

Billy has helped contribute to society in so many ways. From writing books on sports players, to publicly speaking to kids throughout the country, and by teaching and mentoring middle school kids with school and their problems beyond school, he has made some sort of a difference. Not only has he helped contribute to society, he has impacted the lives of the students he teaches, mentors and helps as well as their families. I think because he’s so fun and outgoing that he makes such a good teacher. He’s able to connect with his kids by interacting with them and in return they don’t have a problem going to school and learning. He inspires people to do the best they can and that’s one of the best characteristic someone could have.

I have so many goals that I don’t even know where to start. My first and most important right now is excelling as much as I can in high school and college. When I turn 16 I will be able to go to beauty school so when I start college I’ll already have something to fall back on. If I do this I will be able to make my own decisions and do what I want to do with my life, not what I have to do. I chose Billy Staples because he helps people in many different ways and that’s what I want to do when I’m older. I have more than 1 career choice that I’m interested in doing when I’m older and they all have at least 1 way that someone else can benefit as well. If I go to college and major in classes, it will help me have the opportunity to be what I want to be. I hope to grow up and somehow make a difference or impact on someone’s life as well as Billy.

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