Brooke Staton

by Simon from Medellin

Do you consider someone a hero? I do, I think Ms. Brooke, and my teacher from last year is a hero. Ms. Brook is really named Brooke Staton. She grew up in North Carolina and then lived in Colorado, now she lives in Laureles, Colombia. The favorite part of her job is that it´s a challenge, it is always different and that she gets to work with kids. The most boring part of her job is the meetings.

Would you leave all your family and your home for going to teach in another country? Ms. Brooke did. She came to Colombia to teach in The Columbus School. I think she is a hero because she is teaching and making kids that in the future could be very important people. Even though for her it is very difficult to meet the different students at their diverse learning levels and she doesn´t like some boring meetings, she does not surrender and keeps going.

In conclusion, leaving your family for going to another country it´s something not everyone would do. I am 100% sure Ms. Brooke is a hero, she is a very delighted, convivial person. Even though she is going to leave Colombia to go and live in Asia at the end of this school year, she would still be my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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