Brooke Staton

by Santiago from Medellin

Ms. Brooke is a third grade teacher at The Columbus School, in Medellin Colombia. She is from Boulder, Colorado in the Unites States. She teaches a third grade class. She has a mom, dad and three sisters: Molly, Ashley and Jenny. She lives in Laureles with a teacher of 3A who is called Ms. Cristina.

I think that Ms. Brooke is a hero because she helps other people of other schools by giving them money each month, which helps them buy food and go to school. Also, she goes almost all the afternoons to help people of this school get better in math by tutoring them.

As you can see Ms. Brooke is a hero because she does all these wonderful jobs. So as her results of her wonderful job, a lot of kids in Medellin have food and education. The most important part is that she does it with effort and she gets happy when the other kids have education and when they have food.

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