Billy Sunday

by Steven and Lauren


      Billy Sunday has been known for his faith in God and his athletic abilities. He has preached to hundreds of thousands and has shown his love for baseball to the world.

    Billy Sunday was born on November 19th, 1862. As a young boy, his father died in the Civil War. This made Billy and his two brothers orphans. They went to Clearview School. Billy's love for baseball grew when he was in high school. 

Later, he played for the Chicago White Stockings. He played for the major leagues from 1883 to 1890. After playing baseball, he worked for J. Wilbur Chapman, an evangelist. This inspired him to be an evangelist.

Over 300,000 people (est.) were saved while Billy was an evangelist. 

We think that Billy Sunday applies to 1 Corinthians 9:18, because he preached from his heart, not just to get paid. 

       Billy Sunday's powerful sermons and athletic abilities have affected America greatly. His hate for liquor and gambling also changed America and brought them to God.

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