Bartolo (Buddy) Valastro

by Matthew from Louisiana

"The Best Things In Life Are Not Things" Anonymous
This is Carlos's Bakery.
This is Carlos's Bakery.

  Bartolo is a hero to me. Buddy was born March 3, 1977. He has worked at Carlo's Bakery since he was 17, but now he works with his family. He grew up with his parents, Bartolo, Sr. and Mary Valastro, in Little Ferry, New Jersey as an only child. Buddy is married to Elisabetta (Lisa) and has four children, Sofia, Bartolo (Buddy) III, Marco, and Carlo Salvatore. He also has a T.V. show about the bakery and the relationships between the family members. It is called Cake Boss.

To me, a hero isn't someone that is brave and has awesome super powers. They should be someone that does good things just to do it. Not because they will get a reward, but because they want the satisfaction of doing it. Sometimes they don't even know that they are. An example of this would be Rosa Parks. She probably didn't know she was inspiring others to stand up for what was right. She was probably just thinking that it wasn't right for that man to take her seat. There are many heroes in the world, but only a few are real heroes.

Buddy has made this cool cake in his new factory. (
Buddy has made this cool cake in his new factory. (

  Buddy, as a lot of you know, is a baker. He bakes cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, and lots of other baked goods. I  think the best thing about his job is he can work with his family, the ones you love, by your side. He is also very talented. Buddy is always making pasteries as fast as he can (with the help of his co. workers) yet they look like he spent hours on them. Even though I've never  tasted his food, I'm sure it's awesome. He is a true baker. I also really like cooking. I like baking and just downright cooking. Sometimes I help my mom, and sometimes I do it alone.

Bartolo is my hero because he inspires me to do my best and make the impossible possible. Buddy really likes his job. This is a good thing because he makes tons of cakes that I think would be nearly impossible to make. He definitely takes his time and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. This would be a good hobby for me when I retire, or a good full-time job, too. This is why Bartolo Valastro is my hero.

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