Barbara Walters

by Jennsen from DuBois

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Barbara Walters (
Barbara Walters (

In honor of Barbara Walters. I did research about this hero in ‘’ Biography Today’’. I chose Barbara Walters because she is a great influence on me. She never let anyone tell her that she cannot do what she is doing today.

Who knew such a normal beginning would give the world such a hero? Barbara Walters is from Boston, Massachusetts. Her parent’s names are Louis Edward Walters and Dena Selett Walters. She was born September 25, 1931. She has been married three times. Her first husband Robert Henry Katz. Her second husband Lee Guber (who has past). They adopted baby girl whom they named Jacqueline Dena. Then she wedded Californian Marvin Lee Abelson.


Barbara Walters went to Brookline Elementary school, a prestigious private schools near New York. High school was a great year for her. She graduated in 1947. After she graduated, she went to college and got rewarded the A.B award. She got good grades and she never failed. After four years of college she knows what she wants to do.

Barbara Walters is famous for broadcasting for ABC and hosting the Today show. Her career highlight is when she got to go to ABC and hosting the Today show. She has also won so many amazing awards. Some of the awards are Women of the decade, Emmy award, Hall of fame, Matrix award, and the Lowell Thomas award. Barbara wants to do more broadcastings.

Barbara Walters is important to mankind and changed the world. She has won awards and got her dream job. She is a mom, a daughter, a wife, and a sister. From a small town in Massachusetts to a big time in broadcasting.

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