Barbara Walters

by Haley from DuBois

A man cannot be made comfortable without his own approval.
Barbara Walters (
Barbara Walters (

In honor of Barbara Walters, I did research about her in the “Biography Today.” The reason why I picked Barbara Walters as my hero is because I do not know very much about her, and I want to learn more.

You would never have guessed that Barbara Walters would have become famous from her childhood. She was born on September 25, 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts. Barbara’s parents are Louis Edward Walters and Dena Selett Walters. Barbara Walters was the third child of her family. You would think that would start out as a pretty normal life.

Barbara Walters moved back and forth through her school years. In grade school she attended a lot of schools for a short amount of time. Barbara moved back and forth between Florida and New York City. During Barbara’s High School years she attended private schools. She ended up graduating high school from Brich Wathen in Manhattan. After High School she attended college. She attended college at Sarah Lawrence. Her friends at College said that she was shy and stayed in her own business, not other people's.

Walters got married three times in her life. Her first marriage was with Lee Guber. They separated after awhile. Her second marriage was with Robert Katz after eight years they separated but kept a strong relationship for four more years. During her second marriage they adopted a little girl and named her Jacqueline Dena. Her most recent marriage was with Californian Marvin Lee Adelson.

Barabara and Oprah (
Barabara and Oprah (

Hard work almost always pays off. Barbara Walters interviewed stars that didn’t let people interview them very much. She also had a TV show on ABC. It lasted for nearly two decades. It was a very touching show. She did not get to spend a lot of time with her family and friends.

Barbara Walters is still alive today. She was famous for her speeches and interviews. Her career is still going strong.

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