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Barb Wills

by Kiara from Indianapolis

Cats Haven
Cats Haven

Cats Haven is a no kill shelter which is why I chose Barbara Wills as my hero. Barbara is the founder and operator of Cats Haven which has been open for 20 years. Over the years they have had about 3,000 cats. Today they have 300 cats at the shelter. Even though it's called Cats Haven they also have saved some puppies, dogs, and kittens.

Barbara of Cats Haven said that her favorite cat they saved was Phoenix. She was a special needs cat. She could not use her back legs due to trauma and she found Barbara. So Barbara came up with the idea to open Cats Haven to take in special needs cats. Phoenix lived 13 happy years before she passed.

Barbara has loved cats her entire life. When she was eight, she hand fed her first kitten. Now she owns a great shelter for special needs cats and kittens. Special needs cats are cats that have trauma, are missing a limb, have to have an eye removed, or chronic health issues including some with neurological problems. Cats Haven also takes special need cats/kittens from other shelters from around the state of Indiana. They have also taken cats and kittens that have been abused and need extensive medical care.

I chose Barbara to be my hero because she takes care of cats and kittens with special needs. She is passionate about this cause. She also tries to place the cats with families who want to adopt an animal.

Barbra would like for everyone to realize that what she does each day to care for cats and kittens is not a job- she feels that it is an honor to be part of their lives. She calls herself a caretaker, but I call her a hero.

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