Brother Yun

by Emily

“To succeed as a servant of God, you must be willing to die for Christ.” These words come from Brother Yun, a Chinese persecuted pastor. Born in 1958 in a small Chinese village, Brother Yun lived as a poor boy who worked the fields. When he became a Christian in his teens, his life dramatically changed. Passionately dedicated to the spreading of the gospel of Christ, he went through extreme persecution and suffering for God. Jesus remains as my ultimate hero in life, but Yun inspires me to lead a life of complete surrender to the Lord, no matter what. Brother Yun’s life exemplifies that living a life of faithfulness to God even through affliction, reaps the best reward.

Yun lives in Germany presently, but had a ministry in China for several years before he moved. China remains a spiritually oppressive country that has a government which persecutes Christians, such as Brother Yun. During the twenty-three years of ministry in China, many fierce trials faced him. Arrested and sent to prison three different times for sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ, Yun spent a total of seven years in prison. Along with the imprisonments came great pain. Though repeatedly tortured with electric batons, kicked, beaten, and mocked, his love for God and faith in Him only grew stronger. Even through the horrifying experience of needles being jabbed under his fingernails and metal handcuffs cutting into his wrists, he still passionately and zealously sought after God and after the pursuit of advancing His kingdom.

Despite the horrible pain Yun went through, his life was very rewarding. God often brought signs and wonders of His glory and power, as a testimony for all to see. Brother Yun walked out of prison cells many times and escaped from the authorities. The Chinese church rapidly grew and though many suffered, many came to Christ. This victorious life that Yun led in China inspires me to follow Jesus no matter what. His example encourages me to live for God regardless of the circumstances. I desire to stand up for Jesus even if it costs my family, my freedom, or even my life. One must realize that though the world can take away many things, it can never take away your faith. God stands alone as the only eternal hope that I must put my faith in, even if that means trials and persecution may come my way. My hero is Brother Yun because he shows me how to do that.

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I anticipate that this writing will not only be enjoyable for you to read, but also something that stirs your heart and causes you to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that I have been deeply moved by studying Brother Yun, and I hope that you also will be changed by looking into the life of a man who unselfishly sacrificed his life so that others may know God.