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Bill Gates

by Eric from San Diego

Microsoft Logo ( ())
Microsoft Logo ( ())

                       A scrawny, rebellious-looking boy sat down at the computer, cherishing every moment he obtained behind the glistening computer screen. With the whole room illuminated by a single light, he analyzed his surroundings, making sure he was the only one there. As time progressed from the past to the present, this boy decided to make himself a name that would be pronounced all over the world: Bill Gates. By being born into a middle-class family in the town of Seattle in the year of 1955, Gates had two other siblings and an average life growing up. However, at only the age of 13, a big change occurred in Gates' life when he coded his first software program, giving him the confidence that anything could be done. With that in mind, Gates continued to fulfill further accomplishments and came to be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation by the name of Microsoft. Aside from technology, Gates proved himself as a valuable philanthropist once his own organization, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, made many donations and commitments to fulfill their duties. As a programmer, CEO, and philanthropist, he made many key advancements in our world that brought us to the life we live today. Bill Gates didn't just prove himself a hero because of what he was able to do, he proved himself a hero because he showed that anything could be done. With the combination of his intelligence, perseverance, and compassion, he was able to create one of the biggest revolutionary changes, forever changing our perception of day-to-day life.

Portrait Shot ( ())
Portrait Shot ( ())

                       With an early interest for computers and technology, Gates' intelligence began to shine at a young age which settled him onto the forever-lasting path to success. As he transferred over to his new school, Lakeside, Gates tried to get as much time as he could on the computers and: "He spent endless hours in the computer room, writing his first software program, a game of tic-tac-toe, at age 13 (Carter). During the era in which this occurred, the computer was in its simplest form and was used for the simplest tasks. Gates, on the other hand, found an entire different use than any other person would and made something out of it.  By already achieving this amount of success, Gates only continued: ''After scoring 800 on his math SAT-a perfect score- Gates graduated from Lakeside in 1973 and left that fall to attend Harvard University" (Biography Today). With an acceptance letter from Harvard and a perfect math SAT score, Gates had a background as prestigious as Harvard itself, proving his determination and dedication.  At only the age of 13, Gates was already making his way to becoming one of the most successful men on the planet.

                        However, when expected success was not achieved, Gates put his perseverance to the test by polishing and perfecting to the smallest bit, making sure he ended up with a one-of-a-kind accomplishment. Gates would spend days and nights just working and: "He arrived shortly after 8:00 A.M. and often worked until midnight, sometimes continuing after he got home, taking only Sundays off" (Biography Today). Time, especially when risked for a chance with an unexpected consequence, is a very valuable thing to lose. Gates, however, followed his instincts and believed, hoping to get anything but failure. With an average day consisting of 16 work-hours, Gates provided proof that he didn't come for the money or fame, but instead, to make a change. He didn't only show people that anything could be done, he showed them that almost everything could be done when he said that: "We're in four businesses today, and in ten years we'll be in the same four businesses; desktop operating systems, productivity applications, server software, and interactive content business" (William Henry Gates, III). With these many products and businesses, Gates showed no action of receding or backing down but rather implies that future progress will be made. His confidence assures the consumers that they will have support and service for many years to come. Through hard work, dedication, and determination, Gates proved the word ''impossible'' against its own spelling, ''I'm possible".

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ( ())
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ( ())

                       Aside from being an important figure in Microsoft, Bill Gates is also an important figure in the philanthropic world. As Microsoft became a full-functioning force with an amazing foundation: "Gates transitioned out of a day-to-day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" (Microsoft). Once Microsoft reached a stable state, Gates decided all his technology work has been fulfilled, switching his focus to improving the lives of others. While Gates did not face much trouble in his own life, he knew he had the fame, power, respect, and influence to make a difference in someone else's life. With the dedication of his own time and money, he improved upon his organization, soon making it the largest privately owned foundation in the world.  His income, fame and social status did not compete with the compassion his heart gave, demonstrating that he is a real hero. Aside from the money, Gates was also very knowledgeable and: "As a philanthropist, Gates used his wealth and influence to bring attention to a wide range of social issues" (Cullers). Many leading causes of death within third world countries are easily overcome in first world peoples. With exposure to these issues, however, they could be demolished. Gate's donations, with the help of his fame, shone light on many of these issues and influenced many others to contribute as well. With an enormous variety of charities to choose from, Gates donated millions of dollars to many different causes, always setting a new problem under the light. With a lot of loyalty and help, Gates slowly restored hope to the hopeless. Through Gates' morals and ethics, he has proven himself as a man of value instead of a man of fame.

               Gates had extraordinary accomplishments and revolutionized almost every aspect of the computer world, affecting many other things along the way. His intelligence, compassion, and perseverance proved outstanding leadership skills that made him a powerful figure in our society. From a young age, it was evident Gates was not a normal child. He took many dangerous risks but made sure they would pay off later. He believed he had what it took to change the world and proved everyone that did not believe him wrong. Gates demonstrates himself as a hero to me because he shows that you should always believe in yourself and pursue the dream your heart has in store for you.  No matter what restrictions you have, Gates provided proof that they could be overcome and dealt with.


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