by Ryan from Springfield

Bailey's Adoption Day (SPCA - Family Member Took It)
Bailey's Adoption Day (SPCA - Family Member Took It)

My hero is my dog named Bailey. He does so much for my family and I love him so much. He’s always been there for us. I can’t imagine life without him. Just this past weekend, I fell and hurt my foot. He thought he was in trouble because I screamed. I went up to my room in a storm of rage. He followed me and sat outside my door until I came out. I opened the door and his cute little face made me instantly feel better.

Like I said, my hero is my puppy Bailey. He lives with me and my family. He is currently still living and we hope he will be for years to come. Some of his top hero qualities are perseverance, hope and adaptability. He has perseverance because he was dumped into the wild and he knew he could survive. He has hope because he hoped he would find a family that loved him so very much. He also has adaptability because he was able to get comfortable and feel safe in our home.

He was less than a year old. He was slightly emaciated. He arrived at the SPCA on August 15, 2007. He was alone, frightened, and worried if he would live. He spent four days in the isolation section in case his owners came back for him. No one came and four days had passed. He was officially up for grabs. We were one of three families who wanted to adopt and love him. We got lucky and he was ours for the taking.

I believe mostly that he is a “hero within,” as said by T.A. Barron in A Hero’s Trail. I think he is like that because he stole a place in our hearts. He now strives everyday to keep us safe and happy. Even if he had the worst of days, he always puts our feelings first and tries to make us happy. Whenever nothing is going on, he jumps up on his favorite windowsill in the front of the house and watches everything that goes on. If another dog comes by, he lets out a deep, angry growl. If the back door opens, he runs to it and barks and growls. He wants us to be safe and sound.

I couldn’t be happier with our cute little puppy. Even though he likes to bite our feet and clothes really hard, we all love him. My mom wasn’t very happy about letting him upstairs, but she got used to it. We sacrifice our time to walk and play with him. I even try and train him! We love our dog so much!!

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