Bailey Ellsworth

by Elaina from Missouri

I think that a hero is someone who listens well and saves a life or two every now and then. My hero is my grandma’s dog, Bailey. Bailey is a golden retriever. Without him, my grandma Debby would be dead.

This is the kind of dog that Bailey is
This is the kind of dog that Bailey is

One day my grandma was going out to feed and water the cows and horses. She had a bull too, but it was in a pen all by itself. After she had finished feeding and watering the cows, she went to feed the bull. When she got to the bull’s pen with the food and water, the bull rammed its head into the fence and broke the fence. Then he ran over my grandma and broke her shoulder. He was coming back to do it again when Bailey rushed out the door and jumped onto the bull’s head, distracting it long enough for my grandma to pull herself up with one hand, out of the path of the bull. After a few minutes the bull threw Bailey to the ground. That was when my grandpa came out the door with his gun in his hand and shot the bull. After getting home from the hospital all three of them rested. Once they were all well enough, they made arrangements to get rid of all the cows they owned. My grandma loved the cows, and it was a very emotional time for her. She wanted to keep all the cows, but my grandpa Dave did not want anything else to happen to her, so my grandma agreed to get rid of all the cows. Debby has many animals to this day but she has not had cows ever since. She has ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, and horses. But no cows.

<a href=>This is a picture of what Bailey looks like.</a>
This is a picture of what Bailey looks like.

I am very proud of Bailey. Without him I would not have a grandma Debby. I would only have a grandpa Dave. Today Bailey is one of the healthiest dogs I have ever seen, and he is living a happy life. He is at my grandma's as much as he can possibly be.

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