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by Luke from Liberty Township

Balto's Statue in Central Park (
Balto's Statue in Central Park (

Have you ever felt like your dog can understand you? Sometimes I feel this way, especially with Balto  Balto's life story is very interesting. He even led his dog sled team through a blizzard. He saved lives by not resting in the blizzard. These things give him both steadfast and heroic bravery.

Balto's life story is interesting. He was a Siberian Husky used as a sled dog. He was born in 1922 and died in the Cleveland Zoo in 1933. He was not treated kindly after the sled run and so that's where he ended up. Balto rose to fame as Gunnar Kaasen's lead sled dog delivering serum to Nome.

Balto lead his team through a blizzard. Balto and his team got stuck in a blizzard during the sled run. Temperatures in the blizzard never rose above -40 degrees Fahrenheit. When Gunnar couldn't see, it was up to Balto to lead them to Nome.

Balto saved lives by not resting. He was able to lead his team through an opaque blizzard. He lead his team on the final leg of the serum sled run to Nome. He saved lives because he didn't stop halfway through when Gunnar couldn't see and wanted to rest.

Balto has both heroic and steadfast bravery. He is brave, he kept pushing through even though he knew he could die. He is smart, he was able to lead a sled dog team through a blizzard. Finally, he is steadfast, even when temperatures dropped he pushed through.

In conclusion, Balto is a hero that relates to me because he inspires me to be strong and not give up in the blizzards that come at you in life. He also inspires me to help and lead others, even if I need to push them all the way or do all the work

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