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by Jesse from Atglen

Balto  and Keesahn (google)
Balto and Keesahn (google)

Balto was born in Nome in 1922 and he died on March 14, 1933. In 1925, Balto had to save a sled team and the person from death in a blizzard. Balto had become a big celebrity! Balto had won six different dog sled competitions! People also made a statue in New York’s Central Park honoring Balto for saving the people in Nome. Balto even stared in a Hollywood movie too. Balto had to travel 647 miles.

In January 1925 doctors realized that deadly diphtheria was poisoning people through Nome. The plane that delivered the medicine was taken out of winter storage because the plane’s engine froze. They had to deliver the medicine through dogsled. They had to do it in a blizzard and go 647 miles away and the temperature was -23°F and there were strong winds. Balto could barely see because of the blizzard and got them to the end of their run while saving his team from the Topok River. He could stay on the trail with whiteout conditions and had to take the medicine twice as far!

Balto has amazing bravery because he had to take the medicine really far in whiteout conditions. Balto sacrificed a lot because he almost sacrificed his life for the sled team and all the people. Balto had completely a lot of determination because he was determined to deliver the medicine. He also got lots of publicity from the president!

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