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Gunnar Kaasen with Balto ( (
Gunnar Kaasen with Balto ( (

At the lesson we spoke about heroes. Our classmates told stories about people who saved lives of others, but animals can be heroes, too. I could not forget the heroism of the dog Balto, which also saved people's lives. I read the story about him last year and every time I see a husky dog , I remember about Balto.

Balto was a big black dog which lived in Alaska. He was a hero. Why? Because in 1925 in the town of Nome there was a diphtheria epidemic and there was no medicine. The serum could stop the disease, but it was in Seattle . The medicine could not be transported by air, because the weather was terrible. It was very cold. The serum was taken to the town of Nenana by train and then it was decided to transport the medicine by dog sled.

Gunnar Kaasen was the musher of the dog team which was led by Balto. The way to Nome was very difficult. The snow was so hard that it was nearly impossible to see anything, but Balto was able to find the way. The dogs were very tired and exhausted when they came to Nome, but the medicine which could save people was delivered in time.

I was greatly impressed by the story of Balto. Certainly, he could not understand that he had a great mission, but I admire his strength and spirit.

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