by Jenda from Bellevue

Balto, My Hero

Do you have a person you look up to, a person you that is close to your heart? My name is Jenda and I do. That person, well not really person a dog, is Balto. Balto is my hero. Even though I’ve never met him in person, I know he is a hero not just for me but for tons of people.

Balto was the head of the gang, the pack leader. He was pack leader for a sled team in Nome, Alaska. He needed to get medicine for the people in Nome. The disease was killing people of his land. The day had come in 1925 when Balto set foot on the cold icy ground.

The journey had begun. Balto in the lead and all the other dogs behind him. “Yaaaa”, the ride begins. Balto’s claws scrape against the freezing ice and off they go. After days and days of pulling a sled they finally made it to the medicine, and now they had to go back. After another long trip they made it back to Nome. Balto and the crew were heroes!

Balto, my hero, will forever be in my heart. I’m glad he saved those hundreds of people because he was definitely a loyal dog.

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