by Julius from Great Falls Middle School

My hero's name is Balto. He is a black and white Siberian husky. Balto is a naturally born leader. He shows lots of leadership in the difficult task that he has completed. I think he shows courage by taking leadership because taking leadership can be a scary thing to do especially when there are lives at stake. I also think he is trustworthy because you have to be trustworthy to be able to lead a team and to be able to provide in a dangerous situation.

Balto is a hero to me because he is a natural leader. Balto comes from a town called Nome in Alaska. There was a really bad sickness that spread around Nome to all of the children. They didn't have cars there in 1925 so in Alaska they used dog sleds to get around. Balto was a trained sled dog. He was not the leader. His team went to go out and receive the cure so that the kids can be saved and not die from this deadly virus. While they were out running for the cure an accident occurred and the musher died. Balto led the dogs to the cure and led all of the dogs back safely. This shows leadership because he took over for the team and provided for everybody in the town.He also never gave up.

I think Balto is trustworthy. Being a sled dog is a hard and trustworthy job anyway. I think that Balto took trustworthy to another level. The mission was dangerous. The other dogs must have trusted him to lead them all the way across Alaska. To maintain that trust throughout that whole dangerous ride he had to make the right decisions so that the could keep that trust in him and so that they could get the job done. So for Balto to be able to do that is an amazing ability that I would like to have. That is why I think that he is trustworthy.

Balto still completed the mission so that the kids of Nome were safe.There was a lot of dangerous stuff on that mission such as predators, avalanches and it was so cold that the dogs could have risked hypothermia. Because Balto was facing all of these problems, and he still finished the mission, that is why I think that he has courage.

Balto is standing on snow  ( ())
Balto is standing on snow ( ())

The reason why Balto is my hero is because of all of his qualities that I am working toward having. I hope to become a better person by emulating those same characteristics. I think that Balto is a leader, he is courageous and he is trustworthy. It is not easy for anyone to have these qualities but this dog possesses those qualities. He showed lots of qualities that I admire. The Story of Balto

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