by Leah from Largo

Balto was a famous dog on a sled team. He was born in 1915 and he died in 1933. He was a lead dog for a sled team team in Nome, Alaska. Balto saved many kids' lives. He had to carry an antitoxin all the way from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nome, Alaska.

In 1927 a man from Cleveland discovered about Balto and decided to raise enough money to buy Balto and the other dogs on the sled team. In 1927 the man raised enough money throughout the year and in 1928 Balto was brought with the other dogs from Nome, Alaska, to Cleveland. In 1933 when Balto had died they mounted him up in New Jersey and put him on display.

Balto is my hero because he never gave up. He kept moving forward. Balto saved many lives and because of that he is my hero. Balto has encouraged me to save and help others in need.

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