by Katie from Wheeling

My hero is Balto. Balto was a very famous sled dog because he saved many people from a diphtheria outbreak in 1925. His sled team was Steele, Dixie, Star, Nikki, Kaltag, Sylvie, Afghan, and Doc. No one knows what kind of dog Balto was. Balto and his team had to travel from Nome, Alaska to Nenana, Alaska, for the serum.

Balto had to go through many dangerous journeys. It was over 600 miles from Nome to Nenana. He had to go through a strong blizzard. Some people did not think Balto would make it back. Some people thought the people that were sick would die.

Most of the people that were sick were kids. When Balto came back he was everyone's hero. Balto was born in 1919 and died in 1933. Kaasen, who was Balto's musher, didn't think Balto was a great dog. Balto proved him wrong.

Everyone loved Balto. When he died in 1933 people built a statue of him. The statue was built in Central Park New York City. At the Cleveland Museum of Natural History you can see Balto. There is even a movie about him.

Without Balto all of the people would have died. He was a very brave dog. He showed loyalty to the townspeople. Even as a dog he was a leader. I think Balto is a lot of people's hero.

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