Animals Heroes

Balto the Siberian Husky

by Macie from Cincinnati


Balto was a black and white Siberian Husky who saved the lives of hundreds of children. Balto is our hero, because he wasn't the strongest, fastest, smartest, or biggest sled dog, but Balto had the courage and determination to get the job done. Balto tracked through a treacherous snowstorm without stopping for any reason. We are inspired by Balto's determination because, isn't that what life is all about? Determination driving us to succeed. Balto succeeded, and he saved lives in doing so, that's why Balto is our hero.

In the year 1925 a deadly disease called Diphtheria affected many people in Nome, Alaska. A Siberian husky, named Balto was a hero to these people in Nome. A few citizens stepped up to lead their sled dogs through the winter snow to bring the vaccine to Nome. Balto was the lead sled dog and brought the vaccine to many people and saved lives. Balto knew the challenge was going to be hard through the snow storms and harsh winds, but he was going to complete it no matter what. Balto was a dog who traveled several miles to save several dying children. He had courage, bravery and showed teamwork. Balto is a known hero to many in this world.

Balto is our hero because he saved several children's lives when they were close to death. We are inspired by Balto, because he risked his own life so he could save others. Balto had no intention of giving up, that is why he is our hero, he helps us to remind ourselves to never give up.

Balto describes who a hero is. A hero is someone who is an inspiring role model who has the courage to step up and change the world. Balto has courage, bravery, and a heart, and that demonstrates to all what a hero is. To put others before yourself is a hero to so many. And we aren't the only ones who think he's a hero, children all over the world come to New York City, to visit his statue. Balto is our hero, and a hero to many.

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