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by Logan from Clarksville

Balto and his owner.
Balto and his owner.

Brave, outgoing, and nice is what I think a hero is. You do not have to be a super hero to be a true hero. In a persons’ mind a hero could be a movie star or one of their family members. Heroes are not selfish and take the time to do something for others.

Balto is a hero because he was all the things above, and he was not selfish. Balto is an Alaskan sled dog that lived in the 1920s and he did a very good deed for the people of Nome, Alaska. People from Nome started getting sick and they did not have a serum to cure the sickness. When a scientist heard about them getting sick he knew there was already a serum in Alaska. So when they needed to deliver the serum there was no way but sled. With Balto in the front of the pack, his team delivered the serum. Balto later died in 1933 and his body is stored in Cleveland’s Natural History Museum.

Even though Balto’s an animal he still did a very brave thing. Balto is an outstanding story and I'm surprised that a team of dogs could do this. Anybody can be a hero if they are nice, brave, and outgoing.

Book about a dog on an adventure (
Book about a dog on an adventure (

This is another book about dogs, Dogs to Protect.

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