by CJ and Mason from Atglen

Balto was a black German Shepherd. Balto was named after Samuel Balto, a Norwegian explorer. He lived from 1922 to 1933. Balto led a sled of dogs to get a serum for a disease called diphtheria. He also saved his sled team from certain death in the Topkok River.

They had to overcome blizzards, whiteouts and cold. Others described his fur as ``squirrel fur.`` Balto was partially blind and deaf. His parents were never famous, unlike him. His heroic qualities. were : courage, persistence and confidence.

I think Balto is a hero because he never gave up, even though no one, including his owner, thought he could do it. I think Balto is a hero because he saved a lot of people from dying by leading his sled team to get a serum for a deadly disease. No one knows what happened to his mother and father.

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