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by Keira from Eden Prairie

Balto  (
Balto (

I chose Balto as my hero because he saved many people’s lives. Balto lived from 1922 to the 14th of March 1933. Nobody was sure what breed he was. Balto was a famous sled dog.

This is the story about my hero Balto. On January 1925, doctors realized there was a deadly disease in Nome. On February 2nd Kaasen led his sled dog team with Balto in the front. Balto and Kaasen were bringing the serum to Nome. Balto and Kaasen were supposed to stop and pass the serum to another musher, but there was a bad storm and they could not find them. But this did not stop Balto, he kept on going to Nome.

Balto (
Balto (

Balto was a hero because he brought the serum to Nome when no one else could. He saved many lives in Nome by going through dangerous cliffs, blizzards and HUGE storms. His musher Kaasen did not believe he was a good leader, but Balto proved him wrong and still kept going.

Balto (
Balto (

After Balto died on March 1933, people made a statue of him and put it in New York’s Central Park. Balto will always be a hero to the people of Nome and me because he never gave up.

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