by Nicole from Loveland


In Nome an outbreak of Diphtheria caused the city to send a team of sled dogs to Anchorage to get the serum that would save Nome. Balto, the dog who led the last leg of the lifesaving race showed one of the many qualities of a hero, known as endurance. He made sure that serum got to Nome. He led the tired team home to the town where the sick people were waiting for the serum that would allow them to live and got through it all without a tired moment.

In addition to endurance, Balto also showed courage. Balto took on the storms that could have killed him and caused him to keel over like a sick man who's getting stepped on. He gave the team a phenomenal finish, though he probably could have just given up with the storms he kept going on with blurry eyes. When Balto started he was probably like "oh not good, storm" but he probably finished like "a storm let's go and risk our lives to get to Nome!" and that's real courage, not the fake courage.

With courage and endurance comes the other quality Balto showed, determination. He could have collapsed and died during the race, but he did not keel, he kept going. He kept himself alive to get that serum to Nome. Balto brought a new kind of determination into the world, the kind of determination that requires a serious amount of loyalty to your people and a severe case of love for your fellow citizens.

Balto is a real hero, because he accomplished his task that allowed others to live. Balto was a real hero because he finished strong and finished with a tired, but victorious, team of dogs who now had a lot to be proud of. Balto gave a chance for life to continue in a place that was dying, thus making him a real hero and truly, a phenomenal one.


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