by Alejandro from Fresno


I chose Balto because it is cool when a dog knows when you need his help. Balto is a famous dog, he was born in 1922 and he died in March 14, 1933. Not only did he save his owner, but he saved his whole sled dog team. Some of the names of the other dogs that were Steele, Star, Kaltag, Dixie, and Silvie. The guy that named Balto was Samuel Balto.

Somewhere in January 1925, doctors noticed that a deadly disease was all around Nome. The only way to get serum was going to Anchorage.They went in a dog sled because the aircraft was dismantled for the winter. The plan was to take the needed serum to Nome. More than 20 persons were part of the plan. It is more than a thousand miles away from Nome. They passed by low temperatures and strong winds.

On February 2, 1925, Balto was leading the Norwegian Kaasen into Nome. Balto proved to himself and to everybody on the Iditarod trail by saving his team in the Topkok River. Balto had to stay in trail in whiteout conditions and they did the run almost entirely in the dark. When Kaasen and Balto made it to the final stop Kaasen decided to continue on. After this happened Balto and Kaasen became famous worldwide.

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