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by Cameron from Fresno

Balto is a wolfdog who been separated from his mother Aniu when he was young and based on the real dog that has a same name, but different marking. In 1925, Balto was a real Siberian husky that lived in Nome city of Alaska with his unknown father. Balto was a little bit smaller than his other Siberian husky.Balto and his sled team was the last team on a mission to relay antitoxin to Nome, where an outbreak of diphtheria was occurring. The film instead portrays Balto as a wolf/husky hybrid. In Balto's film serious, it said to be offspring of a female wolf and a male husky. Balto is mostly grey-brown, with lighter underbelly. It also described as having large paws, which he is attributes to his wolf heritage. Also is being shown to be one of the swiftest dogs in town as well as the fastest, after winning the race in the first film.

In real life, Balto was a real statue in New York City, but also Balto was in 3 Movie serious; Balto, Balto 2 Wolf Quest, and Balto 3 Wings of Changes of his serious movies. In the first part, Balto's voice of Kevin Bacon, the second part was the voice of Maurice LaMarche (VO) and the last part of the third one voice of Balto is Philippe Vincent.

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